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Robbie & Spot

Capturing the moments true to your partnership

There's undeniable beauty in the bond between a person and their four-legged best friend. It's in the gentle pat, the soft nuzzle in return, the transformation of frowns into smiles, and shared moments of pure happiness.

I specialize in capturing these precious, heartfelt moments for you through authentic and emotive equine portraits.

Join me for a luxurious and enjoyable photoshoot experience that celebrates your unique partnership.

Jazmine & Vicus
Sara & Ernie
Maddie & Cari

"My shoot with Alesha was everything I'd hoped for and more. Having seen examples of her work, I knew she'd capture my horse beautifully, but being on the wrong side of 50, I don't particularly like having my photo taken anymore and was worried about 'ruining' the pictures! Alesha really put me at ease, helped me choose what to wear and instinctively knew exactly where to go on my yard for the best pictures. We had such a giggle during the shoot which helped me relax and that really showed in the photos. When we sat down for the viewing I was honestly blown away. She really captured Percy's character and I actually really liked myself in the photos. The only problem is deciding choosing which ones to frame!" 


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