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Winter wonderland

Rebecca Bridges 

"Alesha has produced incredible, emotive pictures for me, and her vision is frankly inspired. Without a doubt, I would recommend Alesha to anyone and everyone I could.


I do not consider myself a photogenic person, yet, through some kind of magic, Alesha provided me with pictures that I not only looked good in, but wanted to share with others. Her pictures are framed all over my home. I cannot wait until my next shoot!

Zoe & Tango

Zoe Bergman

"I absolutely loved my shoot with Alesha and cannot recommend her enough. She was super professional and lovely, we had so much fun during the shoot. She has the amazing ability to balance getting the perfect shots whilst reading both me and my horse and recognising when we need a break. The resulting photos are beautiful and the overall experience was fabulous. I would love to do it again one day!

Chloe Messer

Chloe Messer 

"This was the most magical day! I was  actually gifted a photoshoot experience from a wonderful friend for my birthday! I was a bit worried about not knowing how to pose, about how my horse would behave, but Alesha took it all at his pace and guided me with everything. 

I have some incredibly natural shots of us both that I would treasure forever. From start to finish it was a really luxurious and professional service. Along with her incredible talent, it's all of that that sets her apart!

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